United Nations Security Council

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC China VII! My name is Eliza Hoang, and I’m more than excited to be your chair for the United Nations Security Council. Your Secretariat and Staff have been working tirelessly for months to prepare for this conference, so look forward to an amazing weekend ahead!

A little bit about myself - I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Mathematical Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences and double minoring in Marketing and Statistics in the Wharton School. I hail from the historic country of Vietnam, in the northern city of Hanoi, and soon after middle school I moved to the States to attend boarding school. This was where my Model UN career began, and since then, Model UN has become a big part of who I am today. Currently, I am a Deputy Director of Penn’s competitive travel team and have also previously served as a crisis staffer for UPMUNC 50, ILMUNC 33 and chaired UPMUNC 51 and ILMUNC 34.

UNSC is one of my favorite MUN committees ever, because it not only allows for substantive debates about global peace and security, but also a realistic simulation of real-time crises that the world faces on a daily basis. At ILMUNC China VII UNSC, you will have the opportunity to immerse in the role of a diplomat, whose choices can make a huge impact on the state of today’s world. Having a thorough understanding of your country’s policy and goals will be a great asset for your success in this committee. Andrew and I have some really exciting plans for this committee, and we can guarantee that you will have a great time being in UNSC.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions regarding the committee and preparation process. Get pumped for a challenging yet exciting weekend, and can’t wait to see you soon in Shanghai!

Dear Delegates,

My name is Andrew Howard, and I am incredibly excited to be your Crisis Director for the UNSC Committee of ILMUNC China. The Secretariat and conference staff are all looking forward to welcoming you soon for a weekend of lively debate. Believe me, ILMUNC is going to memorable for your experiences inside and outside of committee, so don’t forget to have fun while you’re here!

As a brief introduction, I am a sophomore in Wharton concentrating in Finance and Statistics and minoring in Mathematics and Political Science. I’m originally from Virginia, and I spent my last summer in Washington D.C. with the Securities and Exchange Commission. My Model UN career began in high school and since then I have hosted or competed in conferences around the world. I am currently a member of Penn’s competitive travel team along with your Chair, so both of us have experience with the delegate perspective. Apart from Model UN, I’m a member of the Wharton Dean’s Advisory Board and the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative.

My vision for the committee is fast-paced debate with a wide array of thought-provoking solutions to each crisis update. I want to avoid redundant or semantics-driven discussions - your job is to take action quickly and decisively. You must manage your time and resources effectively to tackle what ever challenge comes your way.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about the committee. I will do my best to promptly respond to any inquiries, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you at ILMUNC China this Spring.