Legal Commitee

Dear Delegates,

Hi! Welcome to ILMUNC China! My name is Divya Rao and I will be serving as your chair for the 6th committee of the General Assembly; Legal. I’m pumped for the conference this year and I cannot wait to work with you to make this a fun weekend!

First, a little about me. I am currently a junior on the pre-med track studying Finance and Management at the Wharton School, with a minor in Chemistry. Though I currently go to school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. On campus, I am the Vice President of External Affairs for Penn’s South Asia Society, the Co-Programming Chair for the Penn Association for Gender Equity, and an active member of my sorority Alpha Phi. As a member of the International Affairs Association, I have participated in various branches such as Academic Affairs, and the Partnerships and International Aid Initiative.

I am so thankful to be staffing this committee with Risha Rohera. Risha and I have been friends since our first weeks of college and she is one of the reasons that I decided to join the International Affairs Association in the first place. We hope that you have a great time exploring issues of international legality and getting engaged in the collaborative debate process. We are excited to see what you have in store for us! See you soon!


Divya Rao

Chair, Legal Commitee

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC China! My name is Amanda Paolino and I will be serving as your moderator for the Sixth Committee: Legal. I am extremely excited to be working with Divya to provide you with an amazing delegate experience over the course of the weekend!

A little bit about myself- I am currently a junior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Survey Research and Data Analytics. Although I did not venture far from my home of Philadelphia for college, I grew a passion for world affairs during my high school years that led to my involvement in Penn’s International Affairs Association. Apart from Model UN, I enjoy engaging in projects with local Philadelphia students as a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as well as my sorority’s local philanthropic efforts.

Please feel free to reach out to either Divya or me with questions throughout the weekend. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in March, and I hope you are equally as excited to share your awesome ideas at the conference!


Amanda Paolino

Moderator, Legal Commitee


The Sixth Committee: Legal Committee is the main forum for the discussion of legal issues in the General Assembly. All Member States of the United Nations are entitled to representation in the Sixth Committee, one of the core committees of the assembly. The topics that the committee will cover over the duration of the conference are the International Law of the Seas and Reforming Peacekeeping (including diplomatic immunity). The international law of the sea essentially encompasses all legal norms, rights and diplomatic relations concerning the world’s oceans, and plays out in the sphere of multinational diplomatic relations. The committee will also explore ways to revitalize peacekeeping -- one of the most useful assets of the United Nations in managing international conflicts and disasters -- considering faltering infrastructure supporting the program and lack of volunteered funds by member-states.

Topic 1: International Law of the Seas

Topic 2: Reforming Peacekeeping