International Atomic Energy Agency

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ECOSOC at ILMUNC China! My name is Arjun Patel, and I am so happy to be your chair for this year’s conference! The secretariat and staff have been working incredibly hard to make this year’s ILMUNC the best yet. I sincerely hope ILMUNC China is one of your favorite weekends this year.

Before diving into the committee and topic introductions, I would like to introduce myself. I am a current sophomore studying PPE (Poli-sci, Philosophy, and Economics) as well as Hispanic Studies as a double-major. I’m from Manhattan Beach, California where the sun is always up and it never dips lower than 50 degrees, so moving to Philadelphia has definitely been a transition. Despite this, I have loved my first year-and-change at Penn, and am so excited to develop my passions for the Spanish language as well as of international relations and economies. I participated in Model United Nations all four years at high school, and have continued to debate and work conferences in high school. I’ve chaired three conferences in the past, and I can’t wait to experience this year’s ILMUNC China with you guys! When I’m not doing MUN, I enjoy spending my time playing and watching soccer, cooking, and serving on the social committee of my fraternity.

This year we delve into the exciting topic of nuclear policy. I hope to invoke four days of difficult yet rewarding debate packed with innovative thinking and creativity. I hope you will all read the background guide and even look further into the history of our topic, as the quality of committee depends not only on us, but also on you and your peers. I can’t wait to see how your ideas play out in committee! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything before the conference please feel free to reach out! Can’t wait until March!

Topic 1: Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century

Topic 2: Safeguards Against Nuclear Disasters