+ Are schools allowed to pick their own countries?

After you register your school, you will be able to submit country preferences. Exact assignments are subject to country and committee availability.

+ What is a position paper?

A position paper is a statement that reveals your country’s stance on a particular topic. You must complete one paper for each topic in your committee. Position papers are due on September 9, 2014, and should be turned in using the position paper submission form on the ILMUNC China website.

+ How should students research for their position papers?

A list of suggested research links is available under the "Research" tab on this website. A good idea would be to start with general information about your country - you can find a detailed overview in the CIA World Fact Book. Then begin researching your topic in general through news articles, past UN resolutions, and relevant conferences or events. Next, find out how your nation is influenced by this issue and what its stance is on how to respond to it. Make sure you are comfortable with your bloc position so you know what other countries agree with yours. Remember that the suggested links are only a sampling of what you should use to prepare for the conference, and search engines will be very helpful. Additionally, it is still necessary to do research if you are on a crisis committee. A strong foundational knowledge of the issue and familiarity of your character’s policies will enable you to play your role accurately.

+ How can students contact their Directors before the conference?

Students can contact their respective committee directors through the email posted on their respective committee pages. Delegates should direct all committee-related questions to their Directors, who will be happy to assist with any questions a delegate may have. If the Director is unable to respond to the questions, he or she will forward the question to the Secretary-General or Director-General, who would be happy to assist.

+ What should students bring to the conference?

Print or photocopy any research you used so that you can easily refer to it at the conference. Remember that ILMUNC China prohibits the use of laptop computers in committee, so don't plan on having access to the Internet for further research. Delegates should also bring any personal items they might need for the weekend. For more information on items to bring to committee sessions, see Questions #1 and #2 under General Conference Information.

+ Does ILMUNC China offer any preparation assistance to delegates?

As part of our commitment to education and improvement, ILMUNC China has provided online training videos. These videos along with other research resources provided on the website will give delegates the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules of debate before conference begins. In addition, ILMUNC China offers a novice committee, which will be the UNDP this session, for less experienced delegates.

+ Are pre-written resolutions allowed at ILMUNC China?

Although outside research is highly encouraged before the conference, pre-written resolutions are not allowed. ILMUNC China has a strict policy against any pre-written document and plagiarism will be treated as a serious matter.

+ What office supplies does ILMUNC China provide for commitee sessions?

ILMUNC China provides each delegate with a placard for his or her country, a pad for pages, and a Delegate Guide.

+ What should I bring to committee session?

First, students must always wear western business attire to committee sessions. Students should also bring their ILMUNC China-issued placard, a notebook, a pen, any research they've printed out, and of course please bring a passion to solve international issues!

+ Is attendance taken at committees?

Yes, attendance will be taken at every committee session.

+ Can faculty advisors attend committee sessions?

Although faculty advisors cannot participate during committee, faculty advisors are allowed, and encouraged, to be present during the committee sessions.

+ When do students eat & will food be provided for free?

ILMUNC China does not provide meals for delegates at the conference. We do provide meals for Assistant Directors and volunteers. We recommend that students explore Shanghai in groups to eat meals or bring snacks to eat between committee sessions.

+ How much money should I bring to survive for a weekend in Shanghai?

We recommend that students bring anywhere from 250RMB to 1000RMB to buy meals and souvenirs at the conference (like an ILMUNC China t-shirt!)

+ How do students spend time outside committee?

Outside of committee, students are free to explore Shanghai. At the conference, there are events when committee is not in session, such as workshops and Delegate Dance. These events are not mandatory but have been extremely fun in the past.

+ What are the rules & regulations of the conference and how are they enforced?

ILMUNC China has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to alcohol and drugs. Students are not permitted to bring, buy, or use either of these items. If students are discovered with contraband, their entire school’s delegation will be penalized. Hotel curfew at 12:00am will be enforced by ILMUNC China staff.