Erdogan's Cabinet, 2016

Dear Delegates,

It is my honor to welcome you all to this year’s ILMUNC China and to serve as your chair for this cabinet. The turmoil which surrounded Turkey in 2016 forced us to address many challenging questions pertaining to civilian rights, freedom, and international jurisdiction. The conversations had in this cabinet are still just as important today, and will continue to be relevant for many years to come. I look forward to hearing your individual perspectives on such complicated issues and learning from the ideas formulated throughout the course of the conference.

Model UN had a huge impact on my high school career. I joined my high school team as a nervous freshman and instantly fell in love. I served as publicity chair on our model UN board sophomore and junior year, as well as president of the team my senior year. My favorite aspect of being a part of the team, however, was my role in executing our own regional Model UN conference. Working as both a crisis staffer and as Secretary General, I learned how rewarding planning a successful experience for delegates, staffers, and advisors alike can truly be. In high school, my model UN experience was coupled with membership in other global-oriented clubs and non-profits. In college, my focus has moved towards health care as I pursue a degree in Nursing and Healthcare Management through Wharton and the Nursing School. However, international relations and politics still continue to be major interest areas of mine.

I encourage you to use this cabinet as a chance to learn not just about the issue or the role you play, but about yourself. Challenge your own political thought, try a new cooperative negotiating style, make a powerful speech, or take a side you might not be normally inclined to stand by. As we’ve come to see, resolving the issues we will discuss is far from easy. It takes willingness to learn and look outside the box to make positive change in a complicated environment. Be willing to take a step back and question your initial beliefs in order to form new ones.

Whether it be dissipating civil unrest or bolstering the military, the days spent at conference will be incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to be there alongside you in March! Feel free to reach out at any time with questions or comments and I look forward to meeting you all.


Grace Kilpatrick

Chair, Erdogan's Cabinet, 2016

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to President Erdogan’s Cabinet at ILMUNC China! My name is William Kwok, and it is my privilege to be your Crisis Director this year. I am incredibly excited for this conference and I hope that this will be a valuable experience for you.

I am currently a sophomore at Penn’s Wharton School studying Behavioral Economics and Finance, with a minor in Art History. I was born in San Francisco, but raised in Hong Kong and Shanghai. At Penn, I travel with the competitive Model United Nations team within the International Affairs Association and work with the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club.

I hope that our committee will see plenty of stimulating debate and collaborative efforts as we dive into a watershed in Turkey’s history. With the deep political divisions and social turmoil in Turkey, what will the nation’s future look like? How will you, the members of Erdogan’s cabinet, dictate the country’s future? I cannot wait to see what types of arguments and solutions the members of committee will present. If you have any queries or concerns about the committee, please do not hesitate to contact me at Looking forward to seeing you!


Will Kwok

Crisis Director, Erdogan's Cabinet, 2016


The deadly coup attempt in July 2016 marked a monumental turning point in Turkey. The individuals behind the coup attempted to topple the government and unseat President Erdogan. It also created sharp divisions in Turkey between different political leaders and between the public and politicians. In this committee, as members of Erdogan's cabinet in the aftermath of the coup, you are tasked with deciding the fate of Turkey. Whether Turkey descends into chaos, or rebuilds itself even stronger is entirely up to you and the other leaders of Turkey.